Google expands to Central America with a new office in El Salvador

The American technology multinational will provide benefits in education and health.

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In the company of the recently re-elected president for his second term, Nayib Bukele, Google announced this Monday a new alliance with the government of El Salvador. At the inauguration of its new headquarters in the capital city of San Salvador, the US multinational technology company took a strong and very important development step in Central America.


Eduardo López, President of Google Cloud Latin America, expressed with joy at the event: "today Google and El Salvador begin a journey together to modernize this country. This is a milestone for us because we are opening Google offices here in El Salvador. Mr. President, count on us to continue our long-term relationships".


Archivo - Nayib Bukele, presidente de El Salvador PRESIDENCIA DE EL SALVADOR - Archivo (PRESIDENCIA DE EL SALVADOR/Europa Press)

An alliance with several months of management

The alliance that promises to benefit the country in terms of education and health originated thanks to several months of negotiations that began in 2023. Specifically, since August 29th, Google Cloud announced the establishment of the company in that country and on that same day, it officially announced the entire plan that was finally realized recently through its communication channels on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter).

From what López briefly explained, it was learned that the new agreement will be, for now, a minimum of seven years (a possible extension will be evaluated in the future) to support the Central American region with the use of a data storage tool for the Executive Branch area.

It has also been revealed that the Digital Cloud platform will be able to provide technical advice to companies and organizations on how to make the most of the benefits of technology and innovations.

In a brief intervention, President Bukele expressed: “you know the great challenges we have had in health. Over time, we will continue to develop new applications and new technologies for the public health system. Over time, we will become the most competitive country in technology. We have already started and will grow even further”.


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