Colbert to Biden: “It’s possible that handing leadership to a younger generation is the right thing for the greater good”

The famous CBS late show host returned to the air after two weeks of vacation and inevitably talked about the questioning of the US president.

Stephen Colbert
President Biden Welcomes French President Macron To The White House ARCHIVO - Stephen Colbert y su esposa Evelyn McGee-Colbert llegan a la Casa Blanca para una cena oficial en honor del presidente de Francia, Emmanuel Macron, realizada en diciembre del 2022. (Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Something was missing on the night of the debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump: the monologues, critical and sarcastic, of the late-night hosts on American television, especially The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, which is the most political of all. That day, just like Kimmel on ABC and Fallon on NBC, there was no show due to summer vacations, so the one on this Monday was eagerly awaited.


Colbert did not disappoint, although he did not seem as comfortable in his opening monologue criticizing a president he has supported. The 60-year-old host also did not miss the opportunity to reiterate his harsh attacks against Donald Trump.


What did Stephen Colbert say about the famous debate between Biden and Trump?

He started by saying that "it's always hard to come back from vacation... you have to shave, dust off, fit back into a suit... and talk about Joe Biden's performance in the debate", and then joked about drinking a glass of whiskey to calm his nerves.

He then wondered if the president should continue in the race for reelection, to which he replied, “I don’t know what’s going on in Joe Biden’s mind. Something I apparently have in common with Joe Biden.”

Colbert reiterated that “Biden is a great president” and that Trump “proved to be a monster”, but instead of showing that he is not too old “Biden’s shakiness allowed Trump to get away with 90 minutes of lies, racism and weird golf brag.”

The host also questioned the Democratic candidate’s campaign team and mentioned the excuse of Biden’s supposed flu during the debate: “Oh, I hate those summer colds where your voice gets hoarse and your brain explodes.”

Did Colbert ask Biden to drop his candidacy?

Towards the end of his 11-minute monologue, the famous CBS host commented, “I don’t know what’s the right thing to do here. This is actually a battle of two virtues. One of them is perseverance. Biden is famous for that.” Then Stephen Colbert added, “There’s another competing virtue, and that is self-sacrifice, and self-sacrifice takes a particular kind of courage. And that is a courage I believe Joe Biden is capable of. I believe he’s a good enough man. He is a good enough president to put the needs of the country ahead of the needs of his ego. And however painful that might be, it is possible that handing leadership to a younger generation is the right thing for the greater good.”


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