Tragedy in football: three players die, including an NFL rookie

Khyree Jackson was 24 years old and had been recruited by the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth round of the last Draft.

Khyree Jackson
Khyree Jackson ARCHIVO - El esquinero Khyree Jackson en marzo, en una de las pruebas para candidatos al Draft en el NFL Combine de Indianápolis. (Michael Conroy/AP)

A fatal accident early Saturday morning in Maryland ended the lives of three young American football players, including Khyree Jackson, who had been selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth round of the latest NFL Draft due to his outstanding skills as a cornerback during his college career at Alabama and later at Oregon.


Along with Jackson, Isaiah Hazel, 23, and AJ Lytton, 24, also passed away. The three were teammates at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.


What happened?

The accident involved three cars and occurred in Prince George's County, according to reports from the Maryland State Police.

The initial reports indicate that another car veered out of its lane at high speed and collided with the car carrying the three players, which then crashed into several felled trees. Hazel, who was driving, and Jackson died at the scene. Lytton passed away later at the hospital.

The police are still investigating the causes of the accident: it is believed that alcohol could have been a factor and there are pending charges. Investigators are also trying to determine the speed at which the vehicle that caused the accident was traveling.

Shock in the NFL and the Vikings

Jackson was considered a strong candidate to start as a cornerback for the Vikings.

In college, he had a campaign with ups and downs in Alabama and that’s why, in 2023, he transferred to Oregon, where he was selected for the first team of the Pac-12.

The news of Jackson's death shocked the American football community, the Vikings issued a statement expressing their deep sadness for the loss: "We are devastated by the news of Khyree Jackson's death after a nighttime car accident. Our thoughts are with Khyree's family, friends, teammates, and coaches, as well as with all the victims of this tragic accident."

The team's coach, Kevin O'Connell, also expressed his regret: "Khyree brought a contagious energy to our facilities and our team. His confidence and engaging personality immediately drew his teammates towards him."

The NFL and other teams also expressed their sorrow for this tragedy.

In Hazel’s case, he played college football for Maryland and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, while Lytton spent two seasons at Florida State and one at Penn State.


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