New York pizzeria named best in the US for the third consecutive year

In the famous list, New York is the most prominent state, with 19 pizzerias included in the ranking, followed by California with 14, and Illinois with 7.

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For the third consecutive year, a New York pizzeria has taken the prestigious first place in the ‘50 Top Pizza’ ranking as the best restaurant for the mega-popular Italian food. In the famous list, New York is the most prominent state, with 19 pizzerias included in the ranking. It was followed by the state of California, with 14, and Illinois, with 7.


Which is the pizzeria that has been ranked in the top of ‘Best pizzerias in the US’?

The restaurant in question is ‘Una Pizza Napoletana’, which secured the top spot for the third consecutive year. The establishment, which offers only six types of pizza, is located on Orchard Street (close to Houston Street) in Lower Manhattan, New York, and is so popular that reservations open two weeks in advance, with slots available from 9 a.m.


"We are a small but very powerful team and we do not underestimate the support we receive from our diners and friends around the world, which allows us to continue doing what we love," said Anthony Mangieri, the owner of this award-winning pizzeria. "Our goal has always been to continue driving forward and strive every day to be better at what we do. We are very committed," he added.

‘Una Pizza Napoletana’ has been open for over three decades, specializing in wood-fired pizzas with dough prepared fresh daily. The pizzeria also offers appetizers and daily-made ice cream.

Next on the list is one of their biggest competitors in the national market: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, located in San Francisco. Following this is the establishment in Philadelphia, Joe Beddia’s Pizzeria Beddia.

These are the top 10 pizzerias in the United States, according to the 50 Top Pizza:

  1. Una Pizza Napoletana - New York, NY
  2. Tony's Pizza Napoletana - San Francisco, CA
  3. Pizzeria Beddia - Philadelphia, PA
  4. Ribalta - New York, NY
  5. Ken's Artisan Pizza - Portland, OR
  6. Jay's - Kenmore, NY
  7. Don Antonio - New York, NY
  8. Pizzeria Sei - Los Angeles, CA
  9. The Legend - Miami, FL
  10. Robert’s - Chicago, IL


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