How to schedule the Eurocup and Copa America 2024 matches on your Google Calendar in two steps?

The process is simple and you don't have to install third-party applications to know the schedule of both national soccer tournaments.

El técnico de la selección chilena tiene poco más de un mes para definir a los futbolistas que jugarán la Copa América por la Roja.
Ricardo Gareca tiene hasta el 12 de junio para entregar la nómina definitiva de Chile para la Copa América 2024. Fuente: Instagram @laroja.

June and July of 2024 are months in which soccer reaches its peak worldwide. For the fourth time in the last 24 years, the Copa América and Eurocup coincide in the same year. Therefore, with so many matches happening at the same time, it is necessary to have an organizer that informs us about which teams are playing on a given day and at what time the matches are scheduled.


There will be days when we will have football from 9:00 in the morning until past 23:00 without a break. Of course, there are applications where you can check the schedules and matchups of each of the games.


But it's much better to have it directly in your Google Calendar. First, because you don't have to download or set anything up, since the integrated app from the giant of Mountain View sends you notifications to keep you up to date with all the information. And second, because this way you protect yourself much more from installing malware on your phone.

Schedule for the Copa America and Euro 2024

  • Enter the Google Calendar application from your computer
  • Press the (+) sign next to Other Calendars
  • You are presented with several options and you must choose From URL
  • After that, another screen will appear where it says "From URL" you will have an empty box in which you will have to enter this pair of links:
  • Copa América:
  • Eurocup:

Be patient as the results may take up to 24 hours to be reflected.

Google Calendar Euro y Copa América
Google Calendar Euro y Copa América
Google Calendar Euro y Copa América
Google Calendar Euro y Copa América

The Eurocup started on Friday, June 14 with Germany’s 5-1 victory over Scotland. Meanwhile, the Copa America begins on Thursday, June 20 with the match between Argentina, the current champion of the tournament, against Canada.


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