WhatsApp Business is renewed with Artificial Intelligence to evolve big time

WhatsApp is strongly betting on the use of Artificial Intelligence for businesses. Get to know all the news.

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Meta, the parent company behind Facebook, Instagram, and the world’s most popular messaging app has announced a series of new features for WhatsApp Business, the business-oriented version of the popular platform. What is really interesting about these innovations is that they fully embrace the current trend of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to turn this version into a complete virtual assistant that would, theoretically, greatly enhance business operations.


The announcement was made through an official blog post on the platform, where some other new features were also detailed, such as the Meta Verified badge and the new calling function for larger businesses, which together aim to improve communication between businesses and consumers, enhancing the customer experience and sales, of course.


We will take a general tour of the functions presented, to give us a clear idea of what this new era for the messaging app would be like, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be taking on a much more prominent role in support of small and large businesses.

WhatsApp Business is embracing Artificial Intelligence

The AI assistant, which is currently being implemented in India, Singapore, and Brazil, will be able to respond to frequently asked questions from customers in an automated and seamless manner, providing faster and more efficient support. This tool adds to the AI capabilities that Meta has been offering for some time, such as creating personalized ads and product recommendations.

"AI tools help businesses on WhatsApp better assist their customers and discover new products that may interest them. We are training Artificial Intelligence to respond to the most popular questions that businesses receive on WhatsApp, so they can quickly help customers find the answers they are looking for."

We are also integrating the new AI to help businesses on WhatsApp create ads more easily on Facebook and Instagram, remind customers who left an item in their cart, or offer a discount for a purchase they were waiting to make.

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On the other hand, Meta Verified, available in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia, provides companies with a seal of authenticity that validates their identity, giving them greater security and confidence. Additionally, it allows the use of WhatsApp on multiple devices for employees and offers enhanced support.

The business call function also aims to facilitate customer service for those who require more complex interactions. This option is currently in the testing phase and will gradually be extended to more companies in the coming months.

Why is Meta obsessed with integrating AI into WhatsApp Business?

Honestly, Meta's bet on strengthening WhatsApp Business in this way, to the point of making it more powerful with the use of AI systems, is not a coincidence. More than 50 million companies already use the platform, and it is estimated that it can increase sales by 127% and improve customer service by 225%.

Christian Orlandi, CEO of XCALLY, recently highlighted for CX Today the role of WhatsApp as a differentiator in Customer Experience, and his opinion clearly puts things into perspective:

"WhatsApp has revolutionized communication, allowing the exchange of messages, photos, videos, and more. This has opened new opportunities for companies looking to improve customer experience and drive loyalty."

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The integration of WhatsApp Business into companies' strategies is becoming increasingly relevant, as demonstrated by the momentum of this new type of features that look promising in the medium term.

So the new WhatsApp Business features with AI and Meta’s strategic partnerships position the platform as an increasingly powerful tool.


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